Kurt specializes in deep tissue therapeutic sports massage designed to optimize athletic performance, aid recovery, and prevent injury.  Massage therapy is an essential component of a well balance fitness program.

Specializing in successful weight loss, mindfulness, disease prevention and longevity.  Dr. Oktay uses a variety of interventions, including whole foods as medicine, nutritional / botanical supplementation, positive psychology, and life coaching. 

n u t r i t i o n

A&C P.T.

600 1st Ave. Seattle 98104


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p h y s i c a l   t h e r a p y


2235 5th Ave.  Seattle 92121


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Specializing in neck, back, and sports related musculoskeletal ailments Sarah and Noal believe that “movement is medicine” and provide their patients with the tools to help themselves.

m a s s a g e

Private Pilates Training

Belltown, Seattle


Kurt Dery  ::  LMP

Dr. Lauren Oktay  ::  N.D.

Sarah Anderson 

Noal Cattone    

p i l a t e s

Jessica Notman  ::  STOTT Pilates Instructor

Jes offers private and semi-private Pilates training in her downtown Seattle studio.  She believes in a kinesthetic approach to personal growth helping her clients achieve a well balanced mind through a well balanced body. 

The Massage Sanctuary, LLC

705 Broadway E. Seattle 98102


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f u e l

nuun  ::  active hydration, electrolyte replacement

nuun is our favorite portable electrolyte replacement.  So much more than the average “sports drink”.  Just pop one of the nuun tabs into your water bottle, shake, and like magic h20 turns into a light refreshing electrolyte replacement with out all the nasty sugars.  Make your water count!


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working hand in hand with the below professionals to build a supportive, collaborative network to promote life-long health.

People helping People

s u r f  &  y o g a  r e t r e a t s

Via Yoga  ::  Yoga, Fitness & Surf Retreats

Mexico & Costa Rica

Recognized as one of the world’s nine “amazing yoga destinations” in Yoga Journal magazine, Via Yoga offers 6-night retreats in Sayulilta, Mexico.  A mikefitness favorite, Via yoga will help you escape while challenging your body with yoga, Pilates -- even surfing.

Via Yoga

2212 Queen Anne Ave. N #518

Seattle, WA 98109


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