Mike Hardin ::  Personal Trainer
American College of Sports Medicine

Bio  ::

With seven years training experience, Mike has developed a highly effective personal training style making him very popular among those interested in improving their overall fitness and reaching their specific training goals.  After receiving his degree in fitness, Mike continued his pursuit of advanced education completing personal training mentorships with Seattle’s leading fitness experts.  

Mike’s wide-range of expertise includes weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, rehab, and sports specific performance training.  Mike enjoys working with a diverse clientele, from the new mother working off pregnancy weight to the professional athlete working through injury.  Mike is able to create a training program that meets your specific needs and supports your fitness goals.

Philosophy ::

I Believe that through awareness and movement, one can enhance their body and way of life.  Working with various  personal training clients over the years, I realized that there’s no set path to improving ones fitness level.  I have seen the most gains and growth when a client’s program is flexible, allowing him or her to adapt to life’s obstacles.  The ability to continually balance work, rest and play is one component of a successful program.  The other is keeping it fun!  With levity and playfulness, learning becomes natural, progress happens faster, and short-lived fitness goals turn into life-long changes.

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